Classic Lash Training $1000 Kit Included (Bed & Light +$300)

-You will learn the basic beginner skills to complete a classic full set. 

-Includes Lash Supplies, Lash Manual, Live Demo, Live Model(Glam By Jai Will Provide Model)

*Deposit $150 

*Deposit W/ Bed $250

Refresher Course ($350 Classic OR Volume | BOTH $500)

-Existing Lash Techs ONLY! At least 6 months of experience trained by a reputable company!

Supplies Include: Spoolies, Microswabs, Your Choice Of A Straight Or Volume Tweezer, Girly Girl Or Slime Tape, & A Special Coupon For Products!

 *Deposit $100

Volume Lash Training $400

-Existing Lash Techs ONLY! At least 6 months of experience trained by a reputable company!

You will learn three basic fanning methods, placement, & retention techniques. All the fundamentals to Russian Volume + Mega Volume.

Includes perfect grip volume tweezers, spoolies, lash vendor, & access to my exclusive volume + better retention e-book “The Best Damn Guide To Volume Lashing & Better Retention” 

*Deposit $150

*Deposits For All Training Is Paid Upon Booking, Remaining Is Due In Cash!* 

*All Trainings Come With Certificate Of Completion*

For Booking Please Email With Your Date & Time & Please Be Deposit Ready Via Zelle Or A Time To Stop By The Shop With Your Training Deposit! 

Happy Lashing!! -XoXo Jai